Queenstown Conservation Walk

Bob’s Cove is a beautiful location that is a favourite spot for locals
and for some of New Zealand’s native wildlife.  
It is an easily accessible place to see conservation work in action.


A biodiversity hotspot just 12 km from downtown Queenstown, on the shores of Lake Whakatipu, it is home to many native species of birds, trees, plants and lizards.  Unfortunately, it is also home to many of the introduced mammals such as rats, stoats, possums and feral cats which threaten these native species.

Whilst nature is doing is part in regenerating the area after fires and tree felling in early-settler times, the contribution of local people to this are is impressive. Over recent years, local community volunteers have worked hard to suppress rats, stoats and possums in predator traps.

In addition to the work of these volunteers, the Southern Lakes
Sanctuary has established an innovative, high-tech trapping and monitoring project to protect this special place and it’s native species.

Protecting the native biodiversity this area is vital. Our hope is that
future generations can experience the joy of seeing a kākāriki in the wild, be dive bombed by a kererū or serenaded by a tūī within thriving bush and forest.

 A walk through this Department of Conservation reserve on our tour provides an insight to the wonders of New Zealand’s natural environment, to some of the challenges of protecting species that live in it, and will showcase conservation action aiming to create and maintain a safe natural habitat on the shores of Lake Whakatipu.

This tour is a great opportunity to escape the boardroom, meeting or conference and take your participants outside and to learn about and engage with conservation. Our guides will teach your team about bird surveying, monitoring and how we reduce predator numbers – as well as what they can do at home to protect biodiversity. 

Tours can include canapes or drinks on site. Why not join us for our sunset tour – to view our native wildlife while the sun sets down the lake.

Tours can be customised to all group sizes and transport is provided, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.